Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. These terms govern your access and use of our website and the sale of goods and services by CopyQuick (operated by MJE Solutions Limited, a Maltese registered company).

By ordering goods from CopyQuick you are deemed to have understood and accepted these terms.

These terms and conditions may be amended from time to time, without any prior notice or liability. Each time you use the website, you acknowledge and endorse that you have read and understood and agreed to be bound to these Terms and Conditions.

1. Sale of Products or Services

When you place an order from the website or from our designated email account or accounts, we will send an automated email to confirm receipt of your order.

Although we would have sent the email confirming receipt of your order and we may have taken payment for your order, we may not actually accept the order. We will only accept an order after we review it and check that the requirements are reasonable and that the payment made is correct.

If an order is not accepted, if we require additional information or an extra payment to process your order, every effort will be made to contact, you in the shortest time possible.

2. Your Responsibility

It is the Customers responsibility to ensure that the right contact details are provided when submitting an order. Customers registered on our website and under our Loyalty Scheme should ensure that their contact details are kept up to date to enable CopyQuick to contact Customers to clarify any issues about orders. However, if no reply is received from the Customer, CopyQuick may at its own discretion decide to complete the order according to the original specifications or to wait for the Customer to provide feedback. CopyQuick cannot be held responsible for any issues raised or responded after an order has been printed or for failure to complete an order because of a delay in Customer feedback.

Customers are responsible for selecting the correct printing instructions and options when placing an order online. Documents provided are to be the same size as the intended output (actual size) and should have the appropriate resolution to permit products to be printed to the best quality standards possible.

CopyQuick makes every effort to supply products as advertised but reserves the right to supply the goods subject to minor variations in actual dimensions and specifications stated.

3. Colour and Print Quality

Whilst we try our very best to colour match every product printed, we cannot be held responsible for exact colour matching requirements. Colours will appear differently on your computer screen than ours due to possible different contrast and hue settings on the different monitors. Moreover, monitors use RGB colour space whilst printers use CMYK colour space. This means that certain colours displayed on a monitor are not possible to print. Customers should convert the original RGB display for their monitor to a CMYK profile using software such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator when preparing artwork for printing.

All orders placed are automatically sent to print. For this reason, we are not able to replace/refund any order where the Customer is not satisfied with the print quality of their image. The printers print high quality, but if given a low-quality image it can only print at the low quality. The Customer is fully responsible for the image supplied.

We assume that the Customer owns the copyright of the text and images submitted for printing and the Customer is also aware of the resolution of the document.

4. Prices

Although every effort is made to keep the product / service pricing correct, products / services might be mispriced. In such an event, we will contact you and notify you of the discrepancy in price and await your instructions accordingly. All pricing is in Euros and prices are inclusive of VAT.

5. Content, Confidentiality and Retention of Data

CopyQuick shall ensure that all documents, text, photos, and graphics received by any means are held confidential and will not in any way make it available for viewing by third parties or in any way distributed to third parties. However, Customers are aware that in the process of printing such documents certain text and images such as titles and clearly defined images will be noticed by employees of CopyQuick or third parties. CopyQuick cannot be held responsible in any way for any information leakage that may have occurred.

Customers must contact Mr Julian Borg (Director for MJE Solutions Ltd) directly if they require printing of highly sensitive information. The transfer of information for printing will be done following an agreement between a designated representative of the Customer and Julian Borg. CopyQuick will only accept delivery of the documents directly to the designated Customer representative.

CopyQuick reserves the right to refuse orders that infringe copyright laws or orders that may in some way, or another include explicit illegal, offensive, abusive, and pornographic material.

CopyQuick shall not retain any printed copies from Customer’s documents. Any copies printed in error or defective printed copies shall be destroyed immediately.

CopyQuick shall keep digital copies of documents received from the Customer for a period of 15 days for reference purposes should the Customer have any queries about the printed product. After 15 days, CopyQuick will delete all files and they will not be recoverable.

Customers must instruct us in writing if they wish CopyQuick to delete documents immediately after printing. The same applies if Customers wish CopyQuick to retain documents for a longer duration for repeat orders.

In case of artwork created or modified by CopyQuick at Customers request, such artwork will be retained for a maximum of 2 years after the last used date. Customers may request a copy of the artwork if such artwork was paid in full by the Customer.