What is the purpose of the Wallet?

The wallet may be used to purchase products over the CopyQuick website. Orders below €5.00 may only be purchased using the wallet.

How do I deposit funds into the Wallet?

Funds may be deposited into your wallet by clicking on ‘MY ACCOUNT’ and choosing ‘ADD MONEY TO WALLET’. You may pay by credit card or by Paypal. The minimum amount deposited is €5.00. For your own security your contact details must be completed.

How do I use the funds in the Wallet?

Funds available in the wallet may be used on all types of online purchases from the website. If the value of the purchase made is greater than the wallet balance you must first top-up the wallet balance before using the wallet funds. 

How can I view the transactions and the balance in the Wallet?

You may view your wallet transactions my clicking on ‘MY ACCOUNT’ and choosing ‘WALLET HISTORY’.  Any movement in your wallet is recorded.

Is the wallet balance refundable?

The wallet funds are refundable upon request following a verification of your identity. Funds will be refunded to the account holder ONLY.  Refunds will be made by PayPal if the funds were originally transferred from a PayPal account. If the funds were originally paid into the wallet by credit card, the refund will be made by cheque payment or bank transfer. Refunds will not be given out in cash notes and coins.

If the wallet was never used except to the deposit funds, any refund made will be subject to a charge equivalent to the bank charges incurred.

Requests for refund should be made in writing by email. No requests for refund will be accepted over the phone or from social media messages.