Number Wise Textbook 2b


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The Number Wise series is a series of Mathematics textbooks and workbooks specifically for all primary schooling from Kinder to Year 6. The Number Wise Textbooks are a series prepared by a team of Maltese Primary teachers for the Maltese context making it specific and relevant for Maltese children. The contents presented using dyslexia friendly fonts is based on the local National Curriculum Framework and uses the learning outcomes approach to be in line with the requisites of the LOFs. It explores the four strands of Mathematics: Number, Measurement, Space and Shape and Data Handling. It presents situations and problems that the pupils themselves may encounter promoting reasoning, logical thought and critical skills in an environment that they can relate to. Number Wise textbooks are complemented with Number Wise Workbooks and Number Wise Revision Assessment Papers (RAP). Number Wise (RAP) also provides pupils with podcasts for aural mental test questions.