CopyQuick is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. However, on rare occasions, products may be found to be defective. In such cases we adopt the returns and exchange policies as described below:

Returns for refunds can be made following an inspection which may take longer than one working day. If a stock item or Customer specific good is found to be defective upon return and inspection a replacement good will be given at no extra cost. If relevant, inspection of the good shall include communication with our agents or a review of the data files and physical documents provided by the Customer to confirm whether the said defects are present on the material provided by the Customer.

CopyQuick cannot be held liable for any shortcomings found in the data files and physical documents provided by the Customer for printing.

Please note that due to the personalised nature of most of the Customers orders for printing the right to cancel under the Consumer Protection Regulations does not apply to these products. It is understood that once a customer order is submitted to CopyQuick it is final and ready for processing.

If a customer wishes to return an unwanted good which is in perfect condition (not in case of damages), the product can be returned in the next 15-day period, upon presentation of a fiscal receipt as proof of purchase, and the customer will receive a credit note for the same amount. Some exclusions apply such as in the case of pens, books, printer ink or other products, at the discretion of CopyQuick.