The Innovative Maped Colour Peps Infinity are available from CopyQuick

Post Date : 11/06/2023

MAPED : Since its inception in 1947, Maped (Manufacture of Precision and Drawing Items) has been supporting its development on its industrial know-how, innovation culture and responsiveness to offer its users more efficient and sustainable solutions.

Made entirely of lead, Maped Colour Peps Infinity can be used from start to finish. As a result, this innovative coloured pencil last 10 times longer than a standard colour pencil and are easy to store in the pencil case. What’s more no sharpener needed because they self-sharpen while colouring.

No more sharpening your pencils: clever and practical at the same time, Infinity coloured pencils can be sharpened by colouring without leaving any chips. No more searching for the sharpener. Inifinity pencils last much longer than regular pencils, but are smaller! They can easily be placed in a pencil case or at school.

DRAWINGS TO BRIGHT COLOURS: The unique and beautifully decorated design of the Infinity pencils invites you to colour. When used, Infinity pencils deliver super bright colours, and offer an excellent result. They also allow you to colour with the entire surface of the pencil. Ideal for budding artists, the new Maped coloured pencil will make children want to draw for hours!

Ergonomic triangular pencil: Comfortable to use, the patented triangular shape of Color’Peps Infinity coloured pencils ensures an optimal grip. The soft material makes it very comfortable to use. Infinity pencils are extremely durable. In addition, thanks to the triangular shape, the pencils will not roll on the table.