What is our Loyalty Scheme?

As a loyal customer we want to reward you for purchasing products and services sold by CopyQuick and Optima. For every purchase we will reward you with points. Points may then be redeemed according to the terms and conditions listed below.

How do I join?

After going through the Loyalty Scheme Terms and Conditions below, kindly fill in the loyalty scheme application form. Kindly also refer to our privacy policy.

The loyalty application form is only available online from the CopyQuick and Optima websites. To fill the application users must first login to their account using their username and password. If you do not have an user account we kindly ask to first create an account and then fill this application.

Once the form is submitted please allow 4 working days for your loyalty account to be available for use at the POS. As a loyalty number kindly quote your ID card number.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The loyalty scheme is applicable on both CopyQuick and Optima products and services. The same loyalty number is used for both brands.
  2. Every €1 (one Euro) purchase will entitle you to one (1) point. On specific occasions or on specific products bonus points or additional points may be awarded. No points are rewarded for order less than €1 (one Euro) and for the purpose of awarding points the purchase value is rounded down to the nearest whole Euro. This means that Euro cents are ignored
  3. Every 100 points will entitle you to a €5 (Five Euro) reduction on your bill (five cents (5c) for every one point).
  4. Points, subject to a minimum of 100 points, may be redeemed at any time of the year from our retail outlets in Paola and Mosta by informing us prior to the finalisation of the bill and upon presentation of the ID card.  Only the holder of the account may redeem points.
  5. Online customers may send us a request by email to redeem their loyalty points against a one-time coupon voucher assigned to your username.
  6. Purchases qualifying for the Loyalty Scheme include Stationery items and Printing and Finishing services. Not included in the loyalty scheme are purchases of Mobile Top up Cards, Cigarettes and Postage Stamps. We reserve the right to exclude specific items from the loyalty scheme.
  7. The Loyalty Scheme may exclude discounted items or items offered under a special offer scheme.
  8. Points cannot be exchanged for cash.
  9. Clients are to notify our staff about their loyalty number at cash point in the case of Mosta and Paola outlets. Online users are to include the loyalty number in the assigned field at the checkout process. If the loyalty number is not provided at time of purchase, the purchase would not be included in the scheme, and it would not be possible for a purchase to be included within the scheme at a later stage.
  10. For purchases from the Ibragg and Valletta outlets customers should send by email a scan copy of the fiscal receipts to include the purchase in the loyalty scheme. Points cannot be redeemed from these outlets.
  11. The Loyalty Scheme applies only for purchases paid at the point of purchase. Sales by invoice do not qualify for the scheme unless authorized by management.
  12. All announcements in relation to the loyalty scheme will be made by email, on our Facebook page or through an advert in our retail outlets. It is important that clients inform us of any changes in their personal information by email. The means of communication remains at the discretion of management.

Email addresses

Please send all emails pertaining to the loyalty scheme on info@copyquick.mt

You need to be logged in to join the Loyalty Scheme!